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Okay, I’ll admit, I’m a technology speaker and trainer, show some really cool tools (at least I think I do), and try to always be on the lookout for the latest time saving tips, tricks and ways to save time and make more money.  Unfortunately, I have good intentions but the wheels can move slowly in adopting and adapting when you have so many items on your plate.  I purchased a program called “Text Expander” several months ago, show it in my seminars, (people love it) but had not devoted the time to implement this really cool time saver.  That is until this week.  I kept finding myself doing the same tasks over and over, and realized I needed to stop the insanity!  This week I began implementing the software with common typing tasks I found myself repeating over and over, and I must say, WOW!  

I won’t bore you with all the details and how great this program is, because they have a wonderful Website and by taking a little time you can save yourself a lot of typing repeated tasks you might come across each and every day.  

Check it out at www.TextExpander.com or my recent 2-Minute Tech Tip to find out how this great software works.


online_store_front_400_clr_14518.pngHave you positioned  your Website to take advantage of today’s consumer?  Did you know that according to a report by Google’s “Zero Moment of Truth,” nearly 46% of mobile phone users do research from their mobile phone about a product or service.  That’s nearly 50% of smartphone users researching from their mobile device!  Yes, that’s just research from a mobile device.  How BIG is the research number from ALL devices?

Think about how we have changed as a consumer?  There was a time when we needed to visit a store and physically inspect the product we wanted to buy.  Today, we can watch videos, read testimonies and customer reviews and compare prices from our home, office or the local park.  In fact, just yesterday I ordered a product online from my iPad after researching, reading reviews, watching a YouTube video and comparing prices.  Within minutes I had done my due diligence and purchased a product from my in-law’s home from my iPad!

How does this affect you and I as small business owners?  First, we need to rethink our Websites, and put ourselves in the consumer’s shoes as to what they really expect and want from us.  Most consumers today are researching and looking for information.  Consider this Website, Seattlecoffeegear.com – and look at how you can not only find information about the product, but watch a video demonstration.  I encourage you to watch the video, because it’s fun, entertaining, and informative!  I would also venture to say that if you were buying an espresso machine and found this Website, you would probably be incline to use their services?  Why?  Because it’s interesting, fun, and helpful about things you might want and need to know about coffee gear.

As a small business owner, consider incorporating videos like this onto your Website to help explain the product (or service) to your online shopper.  Remind yourself that many of today’s consumers will be “virtual” shoppers, and you can still help them with their product specifics, it’s just presented in a different format.  In fact, take the products or questions that many of your store visitors have, and turn those into videos.  If your walk-in customers have specific questions, chances are your Website visitors will have those same questions that need answered.


If you choose to ignore serving the shopper who is researching online, you will no doubt miss out on a large sector of potential business, and your Website will fail to attract and retain your visitors.  With just a few minor changes, you can grow your small business using today’s technology.

Have you ever been in the field, remembered something important, but could not jot down the note because you were driving or in the middle of something? Just use Siri to remind you of your task the moment you get back home or to a particular destination.

Here’s a GREAT way to take a FREE PDF Report, upload it to SlideShare, then embed into your real estate Website.


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Google HangoutsAs I mentioned yesterday, I am becoming more and more interested and excited about Google Hangouts and its applications for small businesses  In fact, last night I had a hangout with a friend for over an hour brainstorming some business ideas.  First  of all, I’m in Nice, France, my friend was in the U.S., and it was like we were sitting across the table from each other.  Granted, I’ve been a Skype user for a long time, and experienced the same type of meeting (most of the time) through their platform, but the Google Hangout has a different feel to it, and there is something a little special.

One unique feature is that you can have up to nine (9) people online with video cameras at one time, (unlimited can watch by a broadcast) for free, which gives the Hangout a new dimension.

As a practicing real estate broker, if you recruit four new sales associates this month, and you want to cover some specific details about your company policy or general sales orientation questions, a Google Hangout is a perfect platform for you to use!  Plus, you can record this session so that the team members can re-watch this again if need be, or, allow new recruits coming in next month to watch what you covered.  You can leave the recorded Hangout online until you feel it’s time to record a new one

You could also do a Google Hangout (event or broadcast) and cover a sales meeting topic.  (For sales meeting assistance, visit www.EasySalesMeetings.com), record the sales meeting, and again, archive this for your team and members of your Google Circles to watch at a later time.  (I am going to discuss Google Circles in a future blog).

If you’re covering a sales meeting topic like RESPA, you probably want to address this topic once a year, so any new recruits who come in after you presented the RESPA topic would have access to watch this important information 24/7, 365 days a year, freeing you up from having to cover the topic 12 times a year.

Think about how incorporating a FREE video conferencing system like Google Hangouts for your team, and ways you can now communicate and collaborate in the future.  I have lot’s of future blogs on this topic, so be sure and come back to find out more as we dive deeper and deeper into Google +, Google Hangouts and more.

I realize this can be a little challenging by reading the information without visuals, but hopefully you will explore Google + and the Hangouts section to learn more.  Tomorrow I hope to have a short video to post on this subject.

If you have purchased “Jump Start My Real Estate Career,” you will have access to a complete training on Google + and many other Google Apps I am currently working on.  You can sign up by clicking the link above or to the side.


Google HangoutsI’ll admit, I’m supposed to be the “business tech guy,” and to my family, simply “tech guy,” but in all honesty I have shied away from Google Hangouts. After all, I use Skype, I have a GoToWebinar account that I was grandfathered into, and I tried Hangouts, and I just didn’t get it! In fact, the whole Google Plus thing seems a bit awkward to me.

After a couple of years, watching several videos, and getting tired of paying for Webinar services, I decided to give Google Hangouts a try. Actually, it’s not bad, and I can see this application being a utilized by real estate agents in some creative ways to market themselves and their businesses. In fact, I am uploading a video today on some of marketing ideas for my Business Tech Guy University members on how to use Google Hangouts.

For now, I want to use my blog as a way to promote a series of posts on what I like about Google Hangouts. (Business Tech Guy University Members, a step-by-step video series is being created especially for you).

First, you need to set-up a Google+ account in order to use Google Hangouts. Go to Google, create an account if you do not already have one, and then make sure you have the Hangouts option installed.

Second, start a Hangout! Add someone to your circles, and try a simple video call with a family member or friend.

Tip #1 – Use the sharing button to show your screen, and practice presenting a property you have listed during your hangout. Pretend your friend or family member is a prospect relocating to your area. Have three or four properties ready to present, complete with maps, photos and more. Trust me, this is the future of selling real estate! My last two closings have been totally online, and I have never met either buyer. One transaction I am closing in two days (while I am in France), and everything was done online, just like I am explaining to you.  Yes, I was in France the entire time this transaction started, and will be here while it closes.

Practice, and see how you do. Tomorrow I will provide some more tips on using Google Hangouts, and share some solutions on how this is going to revolutionize our real estate industry.

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Broadcast is over.  For those of you who attended, thank you for watching.